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  Chakra Wellness: 7 Ways to Renew the Total You, takes a look at  the 7 chakras centers  from a mind-body-soul perspective.   Chakra Wellness teaches you how to identify...

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Gwen Owens

Gwen Owens

Women's Advocate | Relationships Start WIth You

For the past two years, I have struggled with health problems. Frustrated and confused, I contacted Christy and she knew exactly what was holding me back from receiving total healing. She began to explain her  method Loving Touch Therapy.  We did the exercise twice and the tears began to flow.  Almost instantly it began to release the heavy weight that I’ve carried for years. The next day I felt free and in control of my emotions. Now, I have something concrete I can use when I feel down. Thank you Christy! You taught me a very simple but effective method to rid myself of unnecessary stress and heartache. I highly recommend Christy Abram because she is compassionate, warm and has the heart to see others have inner peace and a fulfilling life!, Gwen Owens

Camile Joly

Massage Therapist | Energy Healer

My consultation with Christy was very insightful! She picked up on the issues I’d been dealing with and was able to give me an outside view that helped me see the situations much clearer. Everything was spot on. Christy is wonderful! I’ve had my share of consultations & I definitely recommend a consultation from her!”

Camille :)

Sistar Myrah

Cosmologist, Big Mama Magic

I have associated myself with many Spiritual Consultants over the years on the path of my work, however, Christy continues to astound me with the level at which she can access with explicit detail. Everyone can access spiritual information, but what’s important is to what level that information can be tapped. I highly recommend everyone benefit from Christy’s ability interpret ones path and spiritual interactions. – SiStar MYRah

Kisha Gibson

Kisha Gibson

Intuitive Tarot Reader | Motivational Manifestation Counselor

As a professional spiritual practitioner, I immediately picked up on Christy’s gift of intuition… Her mission in life is to work as a vessel and use her skills to aid others. Her healing abilities are absolutely unbelievable! She healed my son from step throat; within minutes of her practice he began to cough up the sickness and release it from his body. Christy is a truly living and gifted healer. She will heal your relationships and your soul in one session. If you have the opportunity to experience a consultation then your in for a blessing that will change your life for the better. Thanks for all you do Christy I LOVE and appreciate you! – Kisha Gison| Intuitive Tarot Reader and Motivational Manifestation Counselor

Janet Caldwell

Janet Caldwell

Author | Publisher

I met Christy just a couple of weeks ago through a mutual friend. I was pleasantly surprised to find a loving, giving and nurturing woman; not to mention a teacher, Reiki Healer, life coach, astrologist, mentor and new friend. Christy has a touch that is agreeable to all of man-kind and certainly me. As for her skills as a psychic medium, they go far beyond the veil. She told me things that NO-ONE could know and connected me to my birth father who crossed to the other side.  She is naturally skilled at empowering people and to explain to them how to use their own power.  She helps one unwrap their own inner – knowing and I appreciate that so much. I highly recommend Ms. Abram to anyone ‘searching’, for guidance, You will be found.- Janet Caldwell



Lafaye Farrar

Lafaye Farrar

Astrologer | Author

This beautiful channel of Love & Light whom I affectionately call “Christy Love” is truly gifted as an  Psychic/ Medium and Healer.   As an astrologer and clairvoyant myself it has been wonderful to have someone to exchange insights with.  I wish Christy much continued growth as a Spiritual Entrepreneur as her desire to help others heal and tap into their spiritual gifts is sincere. She is a lightworker here to aid humanity as such a time as this! ~Namaste, Loving Lafaye

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